If your cancellation rate on Shiply goes above the market average of 10%, fee surcharge penalties and quote delays apply.  These significantly reduce your quote acceptance rate and earnings on Shiply.

Quotes placed on Shiply are binding.  Do not quote unless you are sure you can carry out the job.

Here are a number of tips to help reduce the job cancellation rate on your account:-

1. Use the quote expiry tool when placing quotes

If you know when you are making a certain trip and want to ensure the user does not accept your quote after your have completed your route, add a quote expiry date to your quote.  Shiply will automatically withdraw your quote after this date, so the user cannot accept it too late.

2. Make it clear to users when you can do the job

Most cancellations are due to timing miscommunications.  Make is clear to users when you intend to carry out the job when placing your quote.

3. Ask questions BEFORE placing quotes

All quotes are binding, so if you have any questions or concerns about a job such as dates, loading/unloading information, item details, use the ask a question feature PRIOR to placing a quote.

4. Read the listing carefully

Make sure you read the listing carefully along with any date preferences the user requested.  Spending an extra few minutes making sure you can complete the job before quoting is essential.

5. Read messages from the user sent to other transport providers

All messages prior to quote acceptance on Shiply are public and can be read by all transport providers. 

Next to each quote there is a message indicator which tells you if messages have been sent or not.  If messages have been sent, read them to gain valuable insights into what the user is looking for and decide if you can meet those needs BEFORE quoting.

Also, if you scroll to the bottom of the page, messages not attached to specific quotes are displayed.