Whatever search you conduct on Shiply, so long as you are logged in, you are able to save those exact search criteria and receive email alerts of new deliveries which match those every day.


Perhaps this is best explained with an example: 

Tony runs XYZ Car Transport Co in Durham. He only carries out local work and only deals with cars. For Tony, it would be a bit of a pain to have to specify his search criteria each and every time he logged onto Shiply.

So, he runs this search:


- Local search with a radius of 60 miles of Durham.


- With a category filter set to only cars.


He then clicks the blue "Save this button" button and creates a custom name for his new search.


This works great, Tony gets only specific jobs which he is interested in direct to his email inbox each morning. Furthermore, when he is on Shiply, he can run the saved search without having to go through the whole process again.


You can have an unlimited number of saved searches on your account and can manage these from My Shiply.