Either before placing a quote or whilst the delivery request is active, you may have questions to ask the user about the delivery request and the user may well have questions about your quote. Shiply provides a simple and effective way to allow for communication between parties through the website.


Please note, as per the user agreement, it is strictly prohibited to post direct contact information or direct users off-site for the purpose of obtaining direct contact information prior to quote acceptance.


If you have a question for a user prior to placing a quote, you can use the question/answer section on the delivery listing page. Simply click on the "ask a question link".


If you have a question or reply for a user regarding a quote you have placed, you can do this within the quote details section. Please follow these steps:


1) Ensure you are logged in, then go to the delivery listing page in question.


2) Scroll down to the quote section and click on the grey quote details button for your quote.


3) Type in your question/reply in the text box and click on post.


Any messages you send through Shiply are also sent to the user via email and they will respond via Shiply when most convenient to them.

To make the process of responding to user questions across multiple deliveries easier, you can make use of the Shiply Messaging Inbox.