On Shiply, to ensure a fair marketplace for all members, we have a flag system so that breaches of the rules can be reported. Our reporting system is incredibly simple. Wherever you see postings made by Shiply members, there is a flag next to it. If you feel the posting in question is in breach of the rules (see below), simply click on the white flag next to report it to Shiply. If your message has been edited, then it was deemed to be a breach of the user agreement.


It is a breach of the Shiply user agreement for any member of Shiply (transport provider or user) to post any of the following onto the Shiply web site:


Contact Information:


- Company Name


- Full Personal Name (First Name AND Second Name)


- Email addresses


- Web site URL's


- Telephone numbers


- Fax numbers


- Any other direct contact information, implied or disguised contact information




- Any swearing, hostile or intimidatory language.


- Any postings which are not related to the delivery in question.


- Any postings which cite the Shiply fee, commission, deposit or similar phrases.


- Any postings which are directed at another transport provider.


- Any postings whose purpose is to attempt to direct a user away from Shiply.


Shiply can only flourish as a safe marketplace environment, if its members abide by these rules and report those few who do not partake fairly and try to gain an unfair advantage.