In order to help maintain a great customer experience, we apply fee surcharges and quote delays on transport provider accounts which demonstrate excessive job cancellations.  

Excessive cancellations are defined as above the market average of 10%.

Your cancellation rate is displayed on your My Shiply page and on your profile page.  It is calculated by dividing the number of cancellations on your account by your number of bookings over the last 3 months.

If you have less than 10 bookings over the last 3 months, we will round them up to 10.

If your cancellation rate over the last 3 months is above 10%, the following penalties will apply:-

Cancellation RateFee surchargeQuote Delay
0 - 10% No surchargeNo delay
10.1% - 20%25%12 hours
20.1% - 30%
45%24 hours
30.1% - 40%65%48 hours
40%+100%72 hours

Fee surcharges are a multiplier on your Shiply fees.  For example if you quoted $1,000 on a job and the Shiply fee is usually $150, if you had a 25% cancellation rate and a 45% surcharge applied, your fee would increase 45% to $218.

In addition, all quotes you place will be delayed by the number of hours displayed in the quote delay column.  So users will not receive your quotes instantly and those quotes placed by transport providers with lower cancellation rates will be prioritised.

We have written an article with tips on how you can improve your cancellation rate here.